Brown University Gilbert & Sullivan (BUGS) is an entirely undergraduate-led theater group dedicated to producing high-quality, fully orchestrated classic Broadway-style ensemble shows, with particular emphasis on satire and classical voice. By emphasizing ensemble shows with diverse orchestral, vocal, and technical needs, it is our hope that participating in or viewing a BUGS show is an accessible, engaging experience that connects our community to the roots of satire and musical theater. All admission to shows is free.

Who Were Gilbert and Sullivan?

Although BUGS does not necessarily produce Gilbert & Sullivan shows, we do prioritize producing works that contain satire or large ensembles, two hallmarks of Gilbert & Sullivan's shows. In doing so, we hope to produce theater that connects trends and styles from throughout musical theater history.

Librettist W.S. Gilbert (1836-1911) and composer Arthur Sullivan (1842–1900) collaborated on fourteen comic operas between 1871 and 1896, of which The Pirates of Penzance is the best known. Their works, intended as satire reflecting on Victorian society, have greatly influenced the development of modern musical theater, particularly through social critique and through the development of patter songs, known for their rapid-fire, tongue-twisting lyrics.

The BUGS Board

The Board is responsible for the selection and production of each semester's shows.

President: Ahmed Ashour '19
Treasurer: Paty Garza '20

Kevin Madoian '19
Eleanor Avril '20
Shayna Toh '20
Molly Littman '21
Daniel Ritter '21
Karis Ryu '21
Temma Schaechter '21
Elias Solis '21

Recent Seasons

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The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Modern Major Musicals: A Cabaret

Trial By Jury
Princess Ida
Little Women

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum